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Is Google Book Search APls Fair Use?

Google indicates that its Book Search is an

effort to make book content more discoverable on the Web http://books.google.com/. You can easily and reliably integrate with this repository from your site, in a number of ways:

• Embed book previews on your site. The Embedded Viewer API lets you embed Google Book Search previews on your own website and programmatically control these previews using JavaScript.

• Integrate search results and social features into your application. With our Data API, your application can perform full-text searches and retrieve book information, reviews, ratings, labels, and user libraries. You can also submit user-generated content through this API.

• Link reliably to Book Search. By adding some simple Javascript to your site, you can include more customizable, reliable links to Book Search content using ISBNs, LCCNs, OCLC numbers, and other standard identifiers...

Refiéranse a : http://code.google.com/apis/books/

Is Google Book Search Fair Use?

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