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Student Internships (Spring, Summer, Fall / U.S. Department of State

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We are now accepting applications for the 2009 Fall Internship program. Please click on the Gateway to State button above to read the vacancy and start the online application process. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is March 4, 2009.

At the U.S. Department of State, we like to say we're the face of America to the world. As an intern, you will be, too. Some of our students work in Washington, DC, and others have the opportunity to work at an embassy overseas. Positions are both paid and unpaid, and many are available during spring, summer or fall.

For internship program details such as duties of an intern, participating offices and bureaus, types of internships, salary/benefit/housing information, please download the Student Internship Information Brochure (805kb, PDF).

Eligibility requirements
You must be:

  • a U.S. citizen. U.S. citizenship and good academic standing are required, along with the successful completion of a background investigation, and the ability to receive either a Secret or Top Secret clearance (34kb, PDF). Random drug testing will be performed.
  • a Student. A student is an individual who has been accepted for enrollment, or who is enrolled as a degree-seeking student in an accredited college or university
  • a full- or part-time continuing college or university junior, or graduate student (including graduating seniors intending to go on to graduate school.) An applicant is considered a junior if he/she will have completed all sophomore credits (60 or more hours or 90 quarter hours) by the time the internship begins will be entering at least the junior year immediately completion of the internship.

IMPORTANT: You are eligible to apply for the Department's internship program if you have not yet completed your registration at a college or university for graduate or post-graduate studies (including law school) or are awaiting an admissions determination for graduate or post-graduate studies (including law school). However, if selected for an internship, you must provide proof that you have registered, or have been accepted for enrollment, for studies in the semester or quarter immediately following the internship before you can begin your internship.

A broad range of academic majors is sought in areas such as Business, Public Administration, Social Work, Economics, Information Management, Journalism and Biological, Physical or Engineering Sciences; intern duties and responsibilities vary according to post or office assignment, from scientific/technical tasks to administrative projects to logistical support.

For overseas assignments, applicants must present evidence of medical insurance coverage. All students must be available to begin their internship within the appropriate application timetable. Click here to download the 2008 Student Internship Information Brochure (3089kb, PDF).


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